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Mission & Values

The mission of the Bridge Recovery Center is to create positive changes in our community by bridging the gap between the stigma of substance abuse, and those who suffer with the disease of it.  

At the bridge recovery center, we serve adults 18 years and older at various stages of recovery who suffer from substance use disorder.  We serve friends and family members that have real life experience as well as personal recovery.  We also serve the community by offering volunteers, offering a space where the community will always feel welcomed and safe!

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The Bridge Recovery Center is proudly funded by the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services. BRC provides peer to peer recovery support for anyone 18 years old and up, using the centers volunteers and members to deliver services. Our Center offers a safe, stigma and judgement free environment. The Bridge Recovery Center offers recovery support using our volunteers and members as they pursue their own personal growth, utilizing their experiences to empower others, connect, and become active participants in their community. Located in Malden, we provide community-based recovery support for the Eastern Middlesex County region of Massachusetts!

Empowerment at BRC

A core value at The Bridge Recovery Center is self-determination.


Participation is entirely voluntary, and it is up to YOU!


You decide what is best for YOU.


It is the responsibility of the Bridge Recovery Center to give you the choice of whether and how you use peer supports offered here at BRC.


You create the create environment at BRC,


You hold the power and control your own recovery

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