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Code of Conduct

Ethics Statement


The Bridge Recovery Center is designed to strengthen recovery from addictions, to cultivate a healthy recovery environment where natural leadership can emerge, and to offer recovery support for the person with substance use disorder and those affected by addiction.



Weapons, drugs and or alcohol are not permitted on the premises of the Center.


Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the Center.

Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Center.

We have compassion and support for people still actively using drugs and/or alcohol:  while at the Center, we encourage them to be working towards their recovery.

We seek to resolve conflict with others and not create disturbances by way of the use of profanity, gossip, fighting, choosing sides, outbursts of anger or causing harm to others.



We respect the Center and its recovery community through sharing, leadership, listening and striving for understanding.


We strive to treat everyone with dignity and respect and as a valued individual.


As part of this community and as peers of this Center, we respect others personal belongings and respect the surrounding properties of the Center.


We are role models in the community, always remembering we are representatives of the Center.


We work together as a group maintaining the concept “peer -run center” remembering we are not therapists, counselors, or professionals in this capacity, although some members may be in their professional lives.



We treat each member of the recovery community with care and compassion, as we wish to be treated.


We use an all-inclusive welcome approach and try to make certain all feel welcomed and comfortable in the Center.


We believe leadership is a shared responsibility, and we strive to offer support whenever it is needed whether it’s through listening or sharing our own experience.


 We support those who are working toward recovery and welcome back those who are struggling, by sharing our life experiences.



We allow others to make their own decisions and choices regarding their own life.


We accept various paths to recovery, declining to be associated with any one model or approach.


We strive to meet each person where they are at in their recovery.


We honor each other life experiences, and different understandings of what recovery means.


We accept all our differences including Religion, Beliefs, Nationality, Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Age, and Gender.

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